Red Square

Green Living

We are committed to preserving the world around us, which is why we always undertake an independent environmental audit at the start of every refurbishment project.

These detailed audits incorporate the latest technology and methods for greener living. They help us to identify the scope for using ground source heat pumps, and how valuable resources, such as energy and water, could be saved.

We also look at how household expenditure and maintenance costs might be reduced by incorporating rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling, as well as the viability of selling electricity back to the utility companies.

To make the most of your project scheme, we recommend merging energy conservation systems alongside an interior or outdoor design project.

For those seeking the latest in green technology, we offer solar thermal gas-based hot water systems and photovoltaics, installed by our fully trained qualified gas and electrical engineers.

While we are quick to embrace new energy-saving initiatives, we’re not tied to a particular manufacturer or use of technology, but we do, however, source only from trusted suppliers who offer the appropriate level of ongoing support and maintenance.

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