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Home Automation

One of the indispensable elements of our interior design projects is automation – a system that controls every aspect of your home environment for maximum convenience, comfort and security.

Everything is connected. The system creates “scenes” to suit various situations, such as reading, watching TV, or entertaining guests and offers total control from master points, such as the main entrance and master bedroom bedside.

Other system features include:

  • Ability to mimic occupancy when you’re away
  • Motorised control of curtains/blinds, skylight windows, fireplaces and automatic gates
  • Ability to be monitored remotely over the Internet
  • Entertainment systems providing multi-room music, home cinema and distributed TV and DVD movies
  • Adjustment heating and cooling levels
  • Monitoring and control door entry
  • Ability to view exterior deterrent or interior covert CCTV cameras

The days of dangling wires and extraneous electrical equipment have ended. We carry out interior design detailing across all elements, ensuring the look and feel of screens, speakers and control devices is always aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to designing and installing home automation systems, we offer full technical support and ongoing maintenance, giving you complete peace of mind.

We always build fully integrated systems that are designed with both your immediate and future requirements in mind, so your system is always prepared for an expansion or upgrade.

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